A cross section of the community in the picturesque village of Redgrave in Suffolk voted in November 2018 to create a Neighbourhood Plan.

A group of 20 people then volunteered to assist in the development of this Plan with a Steering Group of 6 appointed to act on behalf of Redgrave Parish Council. The Steering Group will drive this forward with the assistance of the wider group and in consultation with the village community.


The RNP Steering Group is:

Charley Denmark (Chair)
Janet McGill (Secretary)
John Giddings (Parish Council
Shirley Shepherd
Jon Huckle
Chris Giddings

Developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Redgrave will take 2-3 years and involve consultation with the entire  village by way of questionnaires and regular engagement at village events. Anyone can keep up-to-date with the development of this plan by:

  • Monitoring Minutes on this website.
  • Subscribe to receive an email every time a news item is added to Latest News
  • Follow monthly updates in the Parish Magazine
  • Attend Events and come to discuss your thoughts and ideas
  • Join the RNP Working Forum


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