Questionnaire Summer 2019

Sorry, this questionnaire is now closed but there will be many further opportunities to have your say. If you would like to make a comment now, please email

We are delighted to report an excellent response to our survey with 221 responses in total. Attached are the results in graph form and associated comments.

RNP Survey Results Graphs

Redgrave Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

We, the residents of Redgrave, have the opportunity to shape the future of Redgrave through our  Neighbourhood Plan.  


During late July 2019, volunteers will be distributing questionnaires to every dwelling in Redgrave. These volunteers are knowledgable about the aims and process of the Neighbourhood Plan, so please ask them any questions that you may have. They will return to collect your completed questionnaire at a pre-agreed date.

Please take the time to complete this Questionnaire and help us develop a Neighbourhood Plan which truly reflects the views of the residents of our village. 

We want everyone to participate who is able, which includes other people at your address, whatever age.


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