Site at Churchway, owned by Llanover Estate

You may have been in receipt of anonymous information in respect of the potential for development at the above site.

This communication was not ​ from the Redgrave Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Any correspondence from the Group would make it clear that it was a formal communication from the Group and would clearly show the Neighbourhood Plan logo and of course would contain a clear explanation of the purpose of the communication.

We are sorry that whoever decided to post the information through your door has managed to confuse a number of people.

The information is not in connection with a planning application but instead is one of 5 sites submitted by the landowner in response to a Call for Sites made by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group during October and November 2019.

Details of all 5 sites were available at the two public exhibitions held on 30th November and 3rd December and members of the public were invited to express their views. The results of the exhibitions are shown on this website.

The sites will be independently technically assessed in the New Year in terms of their viability, deliverability and impact upon highways, drainage, landscape, wildlife, historic environment etc and the results are expected around March 2020.

Once the assessments are completed, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will consider them together with the results of the public exhibitions and any other representations made by local residents and will decide which (if any) of the sites might be suitable for future development up to 2036 and should be included in the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

We will then invite public views on the draft plan.

No decisions on sites have been made or will be made until all evidence required to make a decision is complete. This won’t be before March 2020. Members of the public will then be invited again to make their views on any draft proposals at that time.

If you want to submit any views on the proposals before the assessments are completed then please can you do so before Mid February 2020 and in writing using the Neighbourhood Plan email address –

We hope this clarifies matters.

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