Survey from Donna Nevitt

For those in Redgrave who have received a recent survey from Donna Nevitt, we would like to make clear that this is not a communication from the Redgrave Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on the Neighbourhood Plan. Any consultations from the RNPSG would be formally branded using the official RNP logo and would contain a full explanation of the purpose of the communication, and what is intended to happen with any information given by local residents (including personal data). The current communication does not do this and instead appears to be confusing and misleading local residents. We are sorry for any confusion but this is beyond our control.

The RNPSG are hoping to consult on the draft Neighbourhood Plan very soon. We will ensure that this consultation is publicised widely to the whole village and local residents are provided with all of the relevant background, technical evidence and contextual information that they will need in order to make an informed response to the consultation on the plan as a whole .  We will also make sure that plenty of time is given for residents to respond.

It is very disappointing this survey has been issued in this way and at this time without any explanation and with such a short deadline and we hope that local residents will be more discerning, and wait for the full facts of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation before making up their minds.

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