RNP – Regulation 16 Consultation

The revised version of the Redgrave Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council on 11th May 2021.

There will now follow a period of public consultation to allow for comments on the revised plan to be made. The consultation period will run from 26th May to 16th July 2021. The consultation is being run by Mid Suffolk District Council and and all of the details including how to comment on the revised Redgrave Neighbourhood Plan are on their website at:

Redgrave Neighbourhood Plan » Babergh Mid Suffolk

All comments must be submitted in writing to Mid Suffolk District Council and not to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group or Redgrave Parish Council.

Once the consultation period is over, the Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to an Independent Examination which will take place over the summer.

Please keep an eye on both the Mid Suffolk and Redgrave Neighbourhood Plan websites for updates. Remember, you can choose to receive a notification email every time a new blog entry is posted to Latest News by pressing the green “Follow” button to your right and entering your email address. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.

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